Sunday, July 5, 2015


Today I am going to "Aku Kenyang Festival" with my family
to support my little brother.
He is chosen to be a guest chef on food auction event.
I am proud of him that he can cook confidently in front of many audiences and
professionally explain the cooking phases and create a beautiful dish.
He owns a food business name WYOWA that produces a product line named #ONGOODSHIT

 - The chef is in action -

My brother's name is Richard William, and he is known as 'Chef Tibon'.
He is a talented cook in our family and he has proven to be a great chef in many occasion and projects, such as catering, food stand, fine dining, live cooking show, etc. 
And you can see his dish of the day on the image below.

 Bologna garlic baby potato, mustard chicken steak, creamy spinach mushroom
@AkuKenyangFestival @WYOWA

This mouthwatering dish is one of his signature dish. I love the way he treats the ingredients with full respect and pay attention to every details that leads to a wonderful and tasty creation.
Once again well done Richard, well done WYOWA, well done ONGOODSHIT :)

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