Monday, June 2, 2014

Paris Baguette - Subway Sandwich - McDonald :D

Paris Baguette, at Wisma Atria
When I looked at this cafe, I thought it must be similar with every cafe
that serves coffee, fresh bread, and patisserie.
I was exhausted and need coffee and snack. I was passing by and looked at the display (see above image). It was tempting and inviting. It looked like a food playground and I wanted to grab it all haha.
I ordered many things. Please see the photo below, It was all delicious and tasty. You'll like it :)
 Cafe Latte, Camembert Cheese Quiche, Tuna and Chicken Sandwich, Chicken Salad

Mango Royal Pudding, Camembert Cheese Quiche, Crab Wasabi Sandwich

Subway Sandwich (right upper corner)
Sliced Turkey Breast, Black Forest Ham, Crispy Bacon, and Melted Cheese with Hearty Italian Bread

Apple Pie - McDonald
I know I know, there are many McDonald outlets in Jakarta. But I wasn't looking for the burger and fries.
I want the apple pie. I'm loving it :D

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