Friday, May 2, 2014

Dai Tokyo and Sanpachi Ramen (Ramen 38)

 Dai Tokyo
Dai Tokyo is a Japanese Restaurant located in Blok M Square, Jakarta.
It was called Kushigin, and then has a renovation and changed the name to Dai Tokyo. My friend brought me here. He told me that this is the best ramen in town and I should try the Buttered Tongue Ramen (Sorry, I forgot the Japanese title for the menus). So we ordered the ramen as he told me, grilled tongue with rice, and yakitori. And yes, It was delicious, I will definitely visit here again.

Ramen 38
Ramen 38 is a ramen house which I often visit. My family and I love the pork ramen, fried rice, and gyoza (Don't we all? hehe). My favorite menu is Tonkotsu Chashu Ramen, and Pork Gyoza.

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