Friday, January 31, 2014

Chinese New Year Celebration

 Flower Arrangement for Chinese New Year events.
This is ELSA FLOWER project, by Pamela Marsidini Gumulya

 Family Lunch at Seroeni, Plaza Senayan
Seroeni is a Malaysian cuisine. In my opinion, this is more like Chinese cuisine. This is one of my family's favorite restaurant. We always order our top choices, which are Salted Egg Prawn, Tom Yam Seafood Bee-Hoon Soup,  Hot Plate Sizzling Beef, Salt and Pepper Squid, Mayonnaise Prawn, and Fried Mee Mamak.
If you and your family want to have tasty food with reasonable price, this is the place to go. Thumbs up.

Smoked Turkey
I was surprise when I saw this Turkey. Our neighbor sent it for my parents as a Chinese New Year greeting. I've never eaten this kind of turkey. I usually eat turkey ham. So I'm really excited with this dish. When I tried the first bite, I could taste the rich flavor and the tenderness of the meat. It was a great experience.

 Puri Market
A day before the Chinese New Year. I accompanied my mom to fruit store, at West Jakarta. 
I was told by the neighbor that there are food market with pork and lard nearby this fruit store. 
So I went there. It was a modern market, where you can find various Chinese food. There were roast pork, honey roast pork, pork meatball, pork siew may, lap ciong (pork sausage), and various snacks. 
If you love to eat pork, you should go there :)

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