Monday, September 16, 2013

Oink Oink Culinary Tour - Bandung

Last Saturday, I went to Bandung to visit my brothers. It's been a family tradition when everytime we go to Bandung, we usually eat pork. There were four places that I really want to go to have great pork dishes, which were Puri Bambu, Legoh, Siagian, and Gundaling. But sadly I only could go to three of them. So here is my Oink Oink culinary tour in Bandung. Full of flavor. Full of tear of joy :D

The traffic was quite crowded last Saturday. Since I had to have a meeting in Jl. Riau, I decided to have my lunch nearby the meeting point. I chose to go to Legoh, at Jl. Sultan Agung. The location is across Aloysius School. The well-known dish is fried pork with vinegar dressing, or in Bahasa we call it 'Babi Cuka'. So with my brother's recommendation, these were the menu that we ordered in Legoh; silky tofu or tahu sutra, black fried rice with pork or nasi goreng ba hitam, fried pork with vinegar dressing and rica sambal or bacuk rica, fried pork with jalapeno or bacuk cabe ijo, and of course kwetiau with salted pork or kwetiau ba asin (you can see the picture above). 

The pork was really tender with crispy exterior, and it was melted in your mouth. The sambal has it's level of spiciness with it's unique names, which make the customer really curious and excited in the same time. My brother was ordering the sambal with super deathly level or super mampus level. And it was making him really sweaty when he ate his black fried rice. For me, the best dish was the kwetiau, there were variety of spices flavor combination which made this dish really really delicious. I'm not saying this because I was really hungry, It was in fact really good. The price is also affordable, the range is between Rp 9.000 - 30.000 per portion. Unfortunately, I was forgot to order the other favorite food there, which is keju aroma. Keju aroma is a fried rolling crepe with sweet salty cheese inside. It is a really simple dish, but really delicious. Next time I won't forget to order it :)  

The next day, I really want to go to Puri Bambu. Puri Bambu is located on Jl. Sindang Sirna, Bandung. Puri Bambu is a Chinese food restaurant, and of course has its famous pork dish. I love this restaurant, it always has rich flavor in every dishes. I was ordering kailan with pork, crispy roast pork, fried pork, and grilled pork which you can cook it by yourself. I don't know how to describe these dishes. One word that will describe it, "brilliant". Every bites were a symphony, the pork was melted in your mouth, the sweetness and sourness of the sauce, the saltiness of the meat, the spiciness of the sambal, and the herbs that were combined in the dish were really blending well in your mouth, and brought your flavor palette to a beautiful journey. You will enjoy every bites you have. This is what I call the pork heaven.

I can assure you that you won't regret to eat here. The price is between Rp 25.000 - 45.000 per portion. And I have another food recommendation in this restaurant, which are pork satay and kekian. The pork satay has a tasty sweet flavor with spicy cayenne pepper, and special ketchup.

Kekian is prawn and chicken cake. This a combination of prawn and chicken mince that are rolled into one long shape similar to sausage, and then fried until it has brown color and crispiness. This is a must dish to be ordered. This place is a great family restaurant. Don't forget to visit this restaurant when you're in Bandung.

And finally, after having a great brunch at Puri Bambu, It was my time to buy something for my family in Jakarta. As they requested, I bought them pork dish, and this time, I chose to go to lapo (a traditional Batak cuisine, with pork as the main ingredient - for sure). I bought the famous roast pork at Lapo Gundaling. The lapo is located in Jl. Bagus Rangin, Bandung. The roast pork was served with cassava veggie, cayenne pepper, pork blood sauce, and completed with their rich flavored consomme. This dish was really delicious. The meat was really tender and has its own unique taste. The price is around Rp 21.000 per portion (including rice). Good price, good food, big smile :D When you are in Bandung, you also should try other tasty lapo places, which are Siagian and Lima Serangkai. This are the best three lapo places I've ever eaten in Bandung. Cheers :D

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  1. There's another place for yummy porky "Danau Toba" next to Primarasa Jl.Kemuning (close in Monday) - "panggang" nya juga enak, mirip Siagian...
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